Tranquility in Kutahya, Turkey, Murat Mountain: My Unforgettable Camping Experience

Tranquility in Kutahya, Turkey, Murat Mountain

Are you ready for a camping experience in Murat Mountain in Kütahya, Turkey? Are you prepared to get a little cold? It’s worth it, for sure. Camping in Murat Mountain was a great experience. Feeling the cold, the cold keeps you alive, and the pleasure of warm things is like no other time; you feel life in your bones.

I love camping and especially winter camping; all you worry about is having enough food and water, that’s it; you are just there like the first humans, meeting your vital needs and enjoying being in touch with nature. You listen to radio theater, look at the sky, and think life is beautiful despite everything.

I wasn’t expecting snow during this challenging snow camp experience. The weather was good in the center, and I expected it to be the same up there. But as I got closer to the Murat Mountain ski resort, I realized this was not the case. It was Sunday, and the date was March 5, 2023. March in Kütahya has sweet sunshine despite the cold. I could not have imagined that such a snowfall awaited us on Mount Murat. If we were lucky, there would be some snow on the ground. But my teammates and I were completely wrong.

Tranquility in Kutahya, Turkey, Murat Mountain

As soon as we arrived at the ski resort of Mount Murat, we had a small breakfast there and set off for the peaks. The mistake was initially when one of our friends turned back because he couldn’t take the challenge, and the rest of us started the arduous journey to the summit. It was white everywhere, and the snow was falling relentlessly.

If you looked at the snow for a long time, you would see white glitter flying around. Some of us had brought goggles, and it was there that I realized what a great idea that was because it was so white that it was inevitable to experience “snow blindness.” I will give you a tip for this; if you don’t have glasses like me in snowy weather when everything is so white, look at the colorful clothes of your friends, it works. Of course, like me, you may also want to enjoy a slightly different experience by watching the sparkles flying around.

Tranquility in Kutahya, Turkey, Murat Mountain

All nature was asleep on Mount Murat, we did not encounter any animals, and there was not a single plant or rock untouched by the snow. In fact, in the open areas, the snow combined with the wind was performing its art with nature with crystal-like shapes.

If you want to experience a peaceful and challenging camping experience in Murat Mountain in Kütahya, Turkey, talk to someone experienced. As a team, we reached a summit and camped in a secluded area that our team leader found suitable. In such snowy weather, you can easily get lost if you don’t know about Mount Murat. Of course, knowing nature and wildlife will also benefit you a lot. If you are knowledgeable and well-equipped, or if you have such friends around you, you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of Mount Murat and have a wonderful camping experience.

Tranquility in Kutahya, Turkey, Murat Mountain

You can see from the photos I have shared with you here what a wonderful experience we had, everyone is smiling, and we are all happy and free like children. We camped near Mount Murat’s peaks in a place our team leader deemed suitable. I must tell you that in winter if you have a bit of a tricky walk in nature (I rolled twice and dragged a friend with me in one of them), the taste of the food you eat, especially the sweet things, is entirely different. You experience an orgasm in your mouth as if you had eaten it for the first time. Oh, and of course, the inevitable food of winter camps, sausage, and labor! Isn’t it a great duo? Afterward, the teas that warm you up by the fire are delicious!

Almost all the items we carried with us during the camping and hiking were water-resistant clothes. Dressing appropriately is the secret to experiencing winter camping well and not getting sick afterward. I wore a knitted gaiter over a pair of wool socks and my waterproof boots. I had my hiking pants underneath and thermal underwear with a tank top and my ski jacket and raincoat over it. This choice protected me from the cold and kept me from getting sick. I should mention me, oops, beanie!

Regarding camping equipment, there are two most important things: a tent and a sleeping bag, which is more important. Tents with 4 or 5 seasons protect you on Murat Mountain, don’t forget your mat. More importantly, sharing your sleeping bags and tent with someone or some people will give you a warmer sleep experience.

The biggest challenge I encountered in my Mount Murat adventure was walking in places with too much snow. I had such a hard time coming down from the summit that my feet got stuck in the snow twice, I was not wearing one of my gloves, and one of my hands was cold and hurt because I kept falling. It was hard for me to sink up to my hips in the snow, and I found the solution by rolling! It’s pretty fun, as long as you don’t bump into anything.

What did I learn from this experience? I discovered that nature is crueler in the winter season, especially at the summits, with breezes that you can’t even open your eyes to, but despite all this, such an experience strengthens you, and you enjoy everything you do more. I have had winter camping experiences, but this was the most difficult one. Still, as I said, it was worth it; the taste of the sausage bread I ate afterward was nowhere else.

Oh, and do you know what I learned the most? BRING BACKUP SOCKS! I was a complete idiot and didn’t bring spare socks, and I think the most important thing I remember is extra spare socks. I definitely shouldn’t forget, and neither should you.

My Murat Mountain experience was unforgettable; the taste of that challenging road makes you feel like a hero. Pushing your limits and enjoying the snow, the sound of nature, the silence, that’s what life is all; it’s so mesmerizing and enlightened. Try this kind of experience in Murat Mountain in Turkey, where you can enjoy life in a snow feast, be in touch with nature, and be in a place that will develop you. If you come here, let me know, maybe we can go on an adventure together, what do you say?

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