Happiness in Çanakkale Behramkale: My Enjoyable and Challenging Unforgettable Camping Experience

Happiness in Çanakkale Behramkale - Camping Experience

One of Turkey’s exquisite beauties, Çanakkale and its surroundings have magnificent nature and sea, allowing you to feel the taste of summer in your bones. Behramkale, located around Çanakkale, is one of these places and deserves to be seen with its natural and historical sites.

Exploring Ancient Assos and Facing a Surprising Creature

Camping At Çanakkale BehramkaleLast summer, I had the most challenging and enjoyable camping experience in Behramkale. You can laugh at what happened to me and my friends. In Behramkale, we first visited the ancient city of Assos and enjoyed the history and the fascinating sea, then a creature that looked like a snake but had legs jumped out at us, and we were scared, but it didn’t care about us.

Scenic Spot for Camping, Marred by Garbage

Afterward, we wandered around Behramkale and had tea in a lovely and cozy place. Now it’s time to find a place to camp. We traveled around a lot to find a quiet place to camp that would be by the sea instead of a camping place, and finally, we found a place; it was a calm place, away from people, intertwined with the sea and even a swing tied to a tree in the future, peace and unfortunately a little garbage. Everything was perfect except for the garbage problem.

Struggles with Tent Setup and Creative Solutions

We found a clean place, unloaded our belongings from the vehicle, and carried our belongings to the place we found. We were starving because we hadn’t eaten anything since the morning, so our dream was to have breakfast by setting up our tent immediately. But this moment of setting up the tent took us almost one and a half hours. My friend had brought an automatic tent, and we were too analog, and unfortunately, we could not put only one of the parts, the tent’s body, in place. It was hot, we opened it, and we could not manage to put that piece in the center. We watched videos and tried, and it didn’t work. We thought of staying and returning, but that would be very sad, so we found a solution to manage us by connecting that piece to the main part.

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Delicious Breakfast and Refreshing Dip in the Sea

Camping At Çanakkale BehramkaleWe set our table, and finally, it was time for BREAKFAST!!! After such an effort, everything we ate was delicious, and yes, it was time for the sea. We got into that ice-cold water, refreshed, and swam as much as possible. We were coming to the most enjoyable part, fire and beer time! Everyone knows that conversations over a fire with beer have a magical aura. We talked for hours, played games, barbecued, and then in the evening, we drank wine and watched the stars. It was an unforgettable experience for me.

Magical Evening by the Fire, Games, and Stargazing

It was time to sleep, and three friends shared the same tent. The sound of things moving with the wind at night somehow resembled the footsteps of someone walking, and it terrified us! One of our friends had a knife in his hand, the other had an axe, and I had pepper spray. We opened the tent with courage and saw that the wind was just playing a joke on us. It was my friend’s first camping experience, and unfortunately, he watched the tent’s ceiling with an axe in his hand until the morning. Morning came, and we packed up and returned to the center of Çanakkale. Because Tekirdağ, Istanbul, and Eskişehir routes were waiting for us. That’s how we had such a funny, challenging, and wonderful experience.

Nature’s Beauty and Summer Enjoyment in Behramkale

If you want to camp in Behramkale in Çanakkale, wonderful nature and sea await you. Especially in the summer, you should enjoy these places. So your tent will manage you in any way, and it may be wise to bring a table and chair because it can be more enjoyable to sit at the table.

Final Thoughts

I wanted to share with you what I have left in my mind from such an adventure. If you trust your automatic tent, what are you waiting for (!) Should we stick to analog? Camping can be done easily in summer under all conditions. If you are passionate about nature and the sea. You can have unforgettable experiences with yourself or your loved ones in Çanakkale.


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